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David Trobaugh
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Children: Max (Named after Max Clifford Huckabee), Tres not named after anyone and Sammy Obama, yeah...my amazing More…four legged kids.
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Yes! Attending Reunion

Wow, What amazing times we lived in. Graduating on Friday the 13th in 1969 and they turned us loose on the world. A class so large we did not know each other, The divisions of "Jocks", "Hards or Greasers" and then the "Hippies." At least in our times the divisions didn't result in gangs. Who ever heard of "a Jock Gang" or a "hippy Gang"?

We were just a couple years too young to fully comprehend the Vietnam War until we started seeing the class of 1966 boys faces in the Register killed in combat. The first time I knew it was a reality and bad and boys were dying was Tyson Beale. He was killed. I didn't know him but he was in my sisters class of 1966. Oh yeah, then the lottery...There were no winners only losers but most of us were lucky. Some went to Canada and hopefully the rest went to heaven. I have no survival stories and living in San Francisco I still see the remnants of boys, now old men, broken and hungry.

Kennedy: 7th grade at Ridgeview. I then moved and attended Redwood the other 2 years. Chris Moody coming into Mr James' lit class and saying Kennedy had been shot and died. That Chris was always a character but not this time.

Growing up in Napa when Napa was Napa and NOT "The Napa Valley". Remember telling people you were from Napa and they asked how long they let you out for? We were known for the
State Hospital. Unfortunately Napa is no longer known for helping the mentally ill (or I guess now we say challenged). Reagan saw to that. Closing the State Hospitals and turning poor souls to the community but oops....forgot to fund that program. So again on the streets of every major city poor souls that cannot remember to take their medication are lost souls. We used to help these folks but not now.

Who knew that we would end up being so fashionable and desired by the world as a destination. I remember I couldn't wait to get out. I outgrew the Uptown Theater and Fuller Park. Judy's Coffee Shop.

When I look back we had some of the most beautiful girls and handsome guys that I have to this day seen. I have some great memories of flirting, butterflies in the stomach when dating a beautiful girl. Can't duplicate that feeling , ever. I also have some crystal clear memories of some of you saying something to me and surely not knowing that I would treasure and carry that pearl of wisdom with me my entire life.

I thank all of you for being so nice to me. I cannot remember ever being mad or fighting with anyone. Whether I was part of "your group" or not, I was always treated with respect and honestly and fairness. What an advantage I had going out in the world.

Thank you for sending me off in the world knowing I was ok. God Bless you all. The world was not like the bubble we lived in while growing up in those carefree days in our own sheltered, priviledged, environment. The outside world shocked the Sxxx out of me.

So now we have an African American President...I campaigned and voted for Obama out of hope for change. We shall see.

Did we have any African American students in our hugely populated school? We called them "Black" and I cannot recall any other than an exchange student for a year. Tell me if I am wrong.

Whatever your lives have been, loves, losses, life changing moments, births of kids and deaths of parents and friends, we can say that Napa High School gave us an education better than most and equipped us for the world as much as can be taught to children up to the age of 17 .

The rest was up to us and I sincerely hope and pray that whatever your life has been, you have found happiness, contentment, challenge, and most of all love to sustain you.

School Story:

Chicks Hamburgers .25

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One of the highlights of our 40th Reunion was sitting with you and Chris. I never had the good fortune of knowing you well but I adored Chris since 7th grade. I always got along better with the girls than the guys. They seemed to accept me more. Since our discussion about me not knowing how to throw a ball, I have become a "late in life" baseball fanatic. Did some work for Larry Baer and the Giants rule through ups and downs. I couldn't have taken the pressure of losing so all for the best. Tell Chris my book is 75% complete. Stay in love with your best friend. That is what works!

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Stan, I think I may have shared this with you privately prior to our last reunion. But my memory isn't as good as once was. When I read that your father insisted you fight, the incident that occurred when at Snow School and I hang out with Scott Bull and mike Kortz and on occasion you. The incident that is as vivid today as it was over 50+ years ago. You and I were wrestling around and there was a bicycle near us. In effort to get out of situation I grabbed the bike and it fell on you. It hurt you. Maybe cut you. I ran home. Cried because I had hurt a friend and never found myself in a physical fight the rest of my life. Thanks and Sorry. Hope your Dad didn't get angry. We never know what we live at home. We assume all the same.