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Napa High School Today (Aerial View)

In 1969, your alma mater was actually Napa Senior High School (grades 10-12). Now the schools is know simply as Napa High. Napa had three Junior High Schools (grades 7-9).  Now, the Napa Valley Unified School District has twenty Elementary Schools (mostly grades K-5), six Middle Schools (grades 6-9) , six High Schools (grades 9-12) and several private schools.


The 1969 walkway between the North and South buildings, named Route 66 after being paved by the Class of 66, is now covered by buildings that house the majority of the classes. (See the photo above.)

Good old Memorial Stadium was eventually torn down and replaced by a brand new facility.

Do you know the history of those strange concrete seats in the old stadium? After World War II, Napa was in the process of building a veterans memorial south of Napa. Government funds abruptly dried up in the middle of construction. The school district obtained a great deal on the already constructed concrete beams that were to be used for the roof of the memorial, and instead used them for the bleachers in the stadium that we knew. Hence the name Memorial Stadium. Now that is all gone too, replaced by a the state-of-the-art stadium pictured in the drone shot above.

Remember the inlay of the Indian, on the floor of the main building entry outside the Auditorium, that you were never to walk on?


It became the subject of quite a local controversy. Read the Indian Head Article .


Back when men and cars were Tough...


Barbarella - Rated X in 1968.  Rated PG in 2009

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