A Word About Security

The current trend is for internet browsers, like Edge, Chrome and Safari, to notify you whenever the web page you are looking at is not covered by an SSL security certificate, by showing it as Not Secure. Some even extrapolate by implying the whole site is not secure. Despite this trend, you can rest assured that this Napa High Class of 1969 web site is safe to use. Although not every pages on the site is certificated, all of the important ones are, such as the login page, pages where you enter your personal information, and pages where you might buy something. Those pages are https (secure) pages. Additionally, almost every page requires you to first have authenticated your identity via the secure Login page before viewing.

Our web hosting company, Class Reunion Creator LLC, is in the process of developing a system where every page of our site can be https, since that is becoming the norm rather than the exception. It is a complicated job, since they host over 20,000 class web sites, but I am sure they will have a solution soon.

In the meantime, not to worry. Your personal login and our secure pages, coupled with our Privacy Policy, ensure a safe experience here.