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  This class web site is free for all members of the Napa High Class of 1969 to join and use.  However, it does cost money to host and maintain.  So far, it has been funded entirely by donations from classmates.  As a result, we are still able to provide you a web site that is free from commercial advertisements. That allows you to use and enjoy the pages free from the annoying clutter and distractions of ads.

  If you would like to help this site remain ad-free, please consider making a donation, 100% of which will go toward paying the costs of the web site. Any amount you wish to give, large or small, would be greatly appreciated! Just scroll further down on this page.

  Special thanks go out to the following classmates who are among those who have helped to keep this site funded.

Terry Crane (McDonald)
Kenneth F. Johnson
Mary L. Lopez (Renz)
Stan Bowman 

  Thank You Very Much!

P.S. In order to keep costs at a minimum, the Napa High Class of 1969 organization has not gone through the expense of registering as a non-profit, so be aware that your donation is, unfortunately, not tax deductible. But, hey, hardly anything is anymore.

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