Why This Site?

This Web Site is intended to be avenue for us to keep in touch with our fellow members of the Napa High School Class of 1969.  We wanted to use the power and convenience of the Internet, without having to endure commercial advertising, and the like.  It is our intention that this site remain active from now on, not just around reunion times.

Also, our Class Reunion Committee realizes that planning a Reunion Event is pointless unless our classmates will know about it.  One of the bigger challenges at the 40-year mark is locating folks. Not so much because of difficulty - Internet resources have really helped there. The challenge comes mostly from the shear size of our class - 1027 members strong.

Even though it takes only takes, on average, about 10 minutes to locate a classmate on-line using the right tools, 10 times 1027 means 170 hours for someone.  This site allows classmates to find us, and to help each other with the task.

We hope, through this site and other methods, to contact as many classmates as possible.  That way, when it comes time for reunion plans, we can get the word out in an efficient, economical fashion.  

We chose the company that hosts this site for several reasons.

  • There are no fees to our class.
  • Classmates don't have to pay anything to use it. Ever.
  • Our site is dedicated solely to our Napa High Class of 1969.
  • It is secure, private, and protected.  You can choose what you wish to share.

We hope you enjoy this site and find it useful.  Be sure to join in, using the Classmate Profiles link to the left.