Missing Classmates


"Please Help Us Locate These Classmates, Sherlock!"

As you might imagine, locating 1027 classmates years later is no easy task.  We could really use your help.

If your name appears on the list below, we have no contact information for you. Just click on your name and fill in the form. Only three lines are required. How easy can it get?

If you have a current email address for someone else who is listed below:
   1. Click on their name and invite them to join our site, and
   2. Use the Contact Us link to forward the address to us. That will allow us to remove them from the missing list.

A current Postal Mail address and/or phone number, or even just some dated information as a lead, will certainly help. Email addresses really work best, though.

Thanks for your Help!



Julie A. Ahlert
Kathi R. Anderson
Michael S. Bailey
Robert D. Bartley
Kathie E. Bishop
Catherine Bly
Jacqueline Bolton
Dawn Booth
Brenda J. Bratton
Carolyn V. Bridges
Janice L. Brooking (Bradford)
Diana L. Brown
Kim Brown
Larry R. Brown
Greg Bryan
Charles E. Butler
Charles R. Callahan
Margarita Cavazos (Rodriquez)
Bill M. Cheatum
Richard S. Chisholm
Alta Clark
Phyllis Clark (Sokol)
Linda L. Cox
Kathleen Crandall
Julang Danner
Sallyjoe A. Day
Kathleen L. DeGraw
Gary A. Dill
John Edward Douglas
Sarah S. Douglas (Greenhow)
Carolyn Dubois
Terry Empey
Terry Estes
William Eyler
Patricia Filippini (Ortega)
Ralph Fisher
Frederick Fubio
Victor P. Garcia
Petra Gonzales (Dillard)
Sharon A. Graves
Gary Griffin
Caroline D. Harnly
Becky A. Harris
Daniel Harrison
Myrna Hibdon
Bill L. Higgins
James E. Hill
Cathy M. Hollifield (Tanzo)
Kathleen Hubbard
Charles Huffman
Martha Hupp
Cheryl Husted
Linda K. Jamison
Jon Johnson
Edward Jordan
Barbara Jungman
Peggy Kelm (Little)
Stephen C. Kendall
Linda M. Kephart (Sublett)
Susan E. Latt (Larsens)
Walter E. Lawrence
Charlene Lee
Barry Lewis
Janice M. Mack
Deborah Markham
Marilyn J. McAnelly
Leonard McGhee
Patrick A. McNally
Sally C. Merian (McCarty)
Carole A. Millar (Garcia)
Melvin J. Miller
Jane G. Moore
Kristy L. Morris (Eversole)
Joyce Morth (McMillin)
Patricia Mount
Darres J. Munds
Kristina Nave
Joyce B. North (Doleman)
Patricia Oram (Cox)
Gary Oren
David Ortiz
David Owen
Janice Paulsen
Margaret Peek (Roberts)
Gisela Perez
Melanie M. Phillips
David M. Pick
Deborah L. Porter
Shirley Preston
Marian J. Pryor (Moore)
Mary Puckett (Norton)
Cheryl K. Purdy
Karen L. Reese
Christine Reyes (Guzman)
Josephine Reynolds
Don L. Rice
Nanette Richardson
Janell Rico
Judith D. Riley
Stephen A. Roberts
Gregory L. Robinson
Tusha Robles
Susan G. Rupp (Della)
Debra L. Schulze
Patricia A. Sheridan
Michael E. Shimel
Vicki L. Simmons
David J. Soffer
Rita K. Sparks
Kathleen Stochon
Douglas R. Stoddard
Jesse Sutton
Marion Thomas
Therese M. Thomson
Bonnie L. Towns
Gwen Turner
Dennis Tynan
Diana J. Vining
Susan J. Ward
Janice L. Weaver
David Whitaker
Beverley J. Wood (Clancey)
Sandra G. Woods
Joyce Yoakum
James P. Young

Guest Members

John Hannaford (Class Of 1968)
Kay Pelley